1. Got my claws back 💀


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    "if u love that character so much then why don’t u marry them"

    i’m trying

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  3. I remember once in high school this new girl walked into my music class and she had a picture of Kurt Cobain on her bag so I was like, “oh, you’re a fan of Nirvana? Me too” and she replied with “Yeah, they are my favorite, I love them. I can’t wait until they tour, I’d love to see Kurt live!”….

    "I’d love to see Kurt live"….

    I think that class went for an hour and I was laughing the whole time. She didn’t get why until I told her that they wouldn’t be touring any time soon since Kurt passed away the year we were born….

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    More Facts on Psychofacts :)

    Take that mum! It is a real breakfast!

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  8. bigstupidbaby:

    losing an argument when you are right just because the other person is too stupid to understand what you’re saying is probably one of the most infuriating things in the entire universe 

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    Who invented the blow job?

    Like, who wakes up one day and thinks “today, I will suck a dick





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